Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rebecca Mayo Missing

In 1904 a photograph of Rebecca Mayo and her Virginia home appeared in the Boston Globe. At this time she was one of two surviving widows of the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Mayo had the “most notable pension granted by the last session of Congress” given to her. The sponsor of this pension was Col Campbell Slemp, who was the only Virginian republican congressman. Mrs. Mayo’s pension increased from $8 per month to $25.

Her husband was Stephen Mayo who fought from 1776 to 1781. She lived in Newberne, Pulaski County, Virginia, and was over 90 years old, helpless, paralyzed and almost entirely deaf. She required the constant help given to her by her daughter, also widowed.

Does anybody have the original picture of Rebecca Mayo, or know where it is? If you do send me an email at photodetective@gmail.com